Plum Green tea Pore cleansing Face wash : Product Review

Hello beauties…. Hope you all doing well in your life. Everyone gets affected with the acne at their teenage and after that too in their life. I am one of them.

My acne doesn’t go without medicines since very long. I am having oily skin so it’s more prone to get acne. Recently before 2-3 months my medicine dosage was completed. After the gap of 1 month Acne started in my head I mean in scalp. And before it appears on my face I regularly wash my face with facewash which dermatologist suggested. And it is also going to empty soon. Not still empty.

Then I thought to give a try to some another products for acne prevention. I purchased Himalaya Neem Face wash and Plum Green tea Pore cleansing Face wash. I was aware of Himalaya Neem Face wash cause I used it many times.


Plum Anti Acne Face Wash

Packaging was good. I loved it. I started using that product before acne appears on my face. So here my goal was to prevent acne and it was achieved. I am using it for 20 days now and still going to use. It cleanses the pores finely and I just love the mild fragrance of it. It contains anti-oxidant green tea & mild natural scrub.

It is parabens and sulphate free product. Perfect for combination / oily & Acne prone skin. It gives amazing results. I loved this product. And also going to buy the moisturiser which contains green tea cause I would love it’s fragrance.

If you have combination or oily skin then give a try to it once. Keep in mind that Everyone has different skin type and Acne depends on hormonal imbalance too. So it may or may not help you for your acne. Better to give a try once.

Let me know in the commentsbelow your experience if you have tried it or wants to try it.


Product Review

Fragrance – 5/5

Texture – 4.5/5

Results – 5/5 (Anti – Acne)

I have purchsed it from . You can also buy it from .

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See you next time,

Prashasti Patel

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