Heeeelllooooo Lovely Readers….

How are you all…? Meeting you after so long, but I was super busy in job and my dance class…. Dance class for Garba only. It is the most favourite festival of mine. Sharing some pictures from that festival celebration here…

So the Famous Dance Festival and the longest dance festival of Gujarat, India is Navaratri ( 9 nights festival ). It is an auspicious festival where people do Durga Puja. And do a special form of dance that is called GARBA all the nine nights.

I am a part of group for playing garba and our group is having more than 50 persons approximate. We all go to different open places for garba and we enjoy it a lot. We dressed up in a complete traditional way, which includes kutchi patch worked Chaniya choli , beautiful pearl worked ornaments/accessories, oxodize accessories and all. We have a big group so we play garba in different style and with different props. We are having lighting traditional umbrella, light lamps , castanet (Manjiras) and Swords (Talvar) as props.

We perform in a group so we all dress up in the same outfit and many a times we won the prizes for that dress or for best performance. We are having all age group members starting from 8/9 years old to approx 45 years old. We all enjoy equally all 9 days.

Navaratri 2018

Goff Garba

This Big Umbrella is the identity of our group. And here in center there are multiple clothes arranged to play Goff Garba, which is my favorite. I love to play this form of garba. Some pictures of playing that form are below.

Navaratri 2018

Goff Garba

Navaratri 2018

Goff Garba

Sharing Our Group Picture. All members are in same outfit which looks Amazing.

Navaratri 2018

STEP Up Players


STEP UP Players

The little champ of our group, so pretty – cute – adorable combination in 1. She always won the prizes in children’s category.

Navaratri 2018


Lastly sharing some of my pictures clicked by my mom. The place was just superb for photo shoot. Those pictures were taken before the festival while special photo shoot. (2) (1)

Hope you enjoyed this Post. See you next time,

Prashasti Patel

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