The Secret Ingredient to have Healthy Hair

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Talking today about Healthy Hairs with you all. Some people are blessed with healthy hairs by born. And most of the people needs to take care for their health. Those who can afford goes to salon, they maintain their hairs by doing regular spa treatments/ keratin treatments and all. They do get very good results after these chemical based treatments.

What should be done to get healthy hairs who can’t afford that so expensive salon treatment? I have a great solution. Whenever I search for home remedies or home made hair pack or hair mask…. this 1 thing also comes in the list… And I have tried it so many times now. That is Apple Cider Vinegar. It helps in so many ways for your health. But the thing is we just don’t know about it. When I came to know about it, I purchased it and gave a try. I was so happy with the first use of Apple cider vinegar on my hairs.

I regularly use it at the interval of 15 days. When I don’t have a mood to conditioning by a conditioner I use this product to have the same effect. Apple cider vinegar makes my hair so smooth, shiny , conditioned and weightless. It helps to detangle your hairs quickly.

So many people around me asked me about my hair many a times that what do you use for your hairs and all. I replied I use just a normal shampoo and conditioner regulary. Cause I am blessed with good hairs… But I always try to make them better so I use the Apple Cider Vinegar once in a while. I don’t go to salon for anything on my hairs. Not even for haircut cause my Mom do it.

The image shows Before wash and after wash hairs of mine.

If any one of you have tried it then please share your experiences in the comments below. And not tried then give it a try. I am sure you will feel happy for your hairs.

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Prashasti Patel

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