Simple ways to style your basic kurta-pyjama this festive season/wedding season

The festive and wedding season is back on the rocks again. You’ll again have to attend a dozen weddings and multiple festive appearances within a week. And there you are struggling with your half a dozen pairs of kurta pajamas thinking about how to style the unique in each of the occasions. But we understand you don’t have much time to juggle new ways as well. But what if we said, we have some simple tricks to style your traditional kurta pajama and make it look totally outstanding? Don’t you believe us? Then why not take a look at these super awesome ways to give your traditional kurta pajama and new twist! 

1. Stack on the layers

If you’re in doubt, layer. It’s a quick and easy method to dress up a plain kurti. Wearing a sleeveless bandhgala jacket is a safe bet and pretty good too. However, additionally, wear a long jacket or layer it with a button-down that matches your bottoms. If none of these options is available, don a structured blazer for a more formal look or a velvet blazer for a more festive look. Alternatively, layer your co-ord kurta pajama set with leather and a bomber jacket.

2. Elevate It

An embroidered shawl or a textured dupatta will take your look to the next level. To add a royal touch, throw it over your shoulder or carry it over your arms. If you’re up for a challenge, mix and match prints or go for a print clash. It’s a terrific way to incorporate textures and designs without overdoing it. Wear it to your next wedding and watch as all eyes are drawn to you because of your unique style.

3. Contemporize It

Traditional clothing meets pop culture – Wear everyday shoes with your good traditional kurta-pyjama combination. If that’s too daring for you, formal brogues might be substituted for a more authoritative look. Pair your kurta pajama with these trendy shoes to make your festive look very comfortable and chic!

4. Accessory options

Accessorizing your dress is an easy way to add a little glitz and glam without overdoing it. You can go the Maharaja route and layer the diamonds and pearls, or you can just wear a basic necklace. If you’re looking for something classic, an ancestral brooch or simple cuff links will suffice.  Make your basic kurta pajama turn into a dapper as you adorn it with these accessories and carry it with elegance and royalty. 

5. With a jacket

Add a jacket or drape to your kurta pajamas to make it more intriguing. Wear a printed or embellished jacket over solid-coloured kurta pajamas to add interest to your outfit while also highlighting the craftsmanship. When you match it with a Nehru Jacket and contrast the shades, you can’t go wrong. Let your festive pictures trend on Instagram wearing the simple style with this fine, yet alluring twist! 

So, rent these styles quite simple? Now you know the next time you are invited for a function demanding traditional attire, you are never going there in just your basic kurta pajama set. Try these ideas and leave a mark behind. 

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