6 Types of Kurtis that you can style for a party!

Weddings and merriments are ceaseless, particularly in India. What’s more, for each new event, for ladies, it’s a command to wear something special and sleek like party wear kurtis. In any case, the main perspective for ladies is that the article of clothing we wear to a party ought not be dull, especially the party wear kurtis must be an absolute dazzle. We would rather not be seen at a party wearing kurtis or a dress that we’ve worn previously. Also, to stay away from that, we’d wrap up our closets with a wide scope of outfits.

Party days are somewhat close, and your closet is ready to be loaded up with a scope of party wear kurtis. Party wear kurtis sets you in the state of mind to display your style. And yet, these kurtis keep your customary side alive. To turn into the ideal mix of tasteful and rich, you can spruce up in ethnic wear and kill the day.

There’s nothing better compared to adaptable and rich ethnic design, and that is by and large the thing Libas is about. With Libas, you get party wear kurtis, architect kurtis, terrific ethnic sets, and stunning dresses. These are created utilizing the best nature of textures and many-sided itemizing. You’ll get kurtis with specifications like beadwork, framing, handwork, sequins, and different sorts of ornamentations. In addition, the most recent Spring Summer Collection makes them astound weaved party wear kurtis that are ideally suited for various events.

Let us have a closer look at the 6 types of party wear kurtis for all the women out there!

  1. White Party Wear Kurti with Jacket

You’ve been welcome to a holi party in your office as of late, yet you are missing the mark concerning thoughts for what to wear to the party. Here is a lovely Holi-commendable white kurti with coat which is ideal for your corporate Holi party. You can wear this with matching white-hued pants and a couple of white drop studs.

  1. Extravagant Cape Kurti Dress

Including botanical themes everywhere and a flowy search in cape; the Indo-western kurti is only adept for that progress. The extravagant cape Kurti will offer you a reviving reprieve from your typical ethnic Kurtis. Made with side cuts, lash sleeves, and a kaftan design, the Kurti will make you observable at your gatherings and early lunches.


  1. Short Length Party Wear Kurtis/Tunic

Do you like wearing short length kurtis in light of the fact that long kurtis are a lot for you? Short kurtis are generally meant by the name “tunic”.

Tunics have a complicated enumeration as side restrict across the midsection and decorations connected to the dori. The weaving covers the greater part of the midsection, however stands out well from the base tone.

  1. Combination Kaftan Kurti

Style sweethearts can take a note of this conventional yet extravagant outline that looks female and fantastic. The ethnic tone, regal bandhani print and the uneven kaftan style is transforming the kurta into an advanced ethnic group. The interwoven in zari and sequins is looking rich and grand for your extraordinary appearance. A red combination kaftan definitely merits a spot in your advanced closet.

  1. Flared Kurti

Erupted party wear kurtis are stylish and rich. They go either way, so you could wear them for both a proper set-up or similarly as day to day wear. The hemline opens up on both the sides, adding a little bob to the outfit, and that makes these appealing.


  1. Overlay kurtis

Overlays are complex – normally a weaved or decorated layer that covers the internal straightforward material. Since the majority of them come in streaming textures like chiffon and georgette, they are structure fitting and complimenting.


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