How you all doing in this chilling season? Seeing you all this winter in my favorite colored white sweatshirt. This year in India we have too much cold than before and also the cold winds making it the season most memorable.

I have tried all my winter wears this year which were waiting to be worn. Haahhahha, seriously it is too much. So I was talking about my sweatshirt , yes this is for the first time I wore it. It is actually gifted by my sister. Luckily it fits me well , so I become a happy kid. This sweatshirt is super cute with its Mickey Mouse print on sleeves. That’s the eye catching part.

Along with this shoot I tried editing my pictures differently. See them and let me know how they turned out….

Isn’t it ? I just love this. Besides the winter Are you ready to welcome 2019? What’s your plans for next year? I have so much plans and I hope all will take place at the right time. Eagerly waiting for 2019, just 2 days more .

I wish you a very Happy New Year in Advance. See you soon.

Prashasti Patel

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