Winter Wishlist 2018

Hiiii everyone , coming back with the post which I m doing for the first time… about wishlist for this winter. 

I personally love winters to style different sweaters and leather jackets and the scarves. But the sad thing is winter makes the skin so dull and for hair it leads to so much of hair fall. In winters to protect your skin’s moisture is most important. Along with that the most beautiful thing of you should be perfect in all seasons that’s the smile so the lip care is first too. So this winter I have a lip scrub in my wishlist. I already have a good lip balm from Oriflame. I will soon get my lips more soft and supple by using this Juicy Chemistry Choco mint Lip scrub. 

The next thing in the list is a moisturizer.  I have oily & acne prone skin  that is why I need matte finish Moisturizer and this time I want to try the Plum Green Tea Mattifying  Moisturizer. I just hope it will suit my skin and better it. 

Next is on repeat mode that is again from Plum , Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash. It is my best buddy. It prevents my acne. I just love this product.  I have also reviewed this product  – check it here. No decreption needed I think cause it all described about it in the reveiw post. 

The next product in my wishlist is A Dry Shampoo…. must in winters. To keep your hair protected through repetitive wash this is the saver. Too much of washing in winter make the hairs dull and dry so the dry shampoo will keep your hairs fresh for more 1 or 2 days after the wash day. Invest in this. 

The last is not definitely come in the winter wishlist, it can be in the wishlist any time during the life. I chose it in this winter to make myself improved & to make my life more meaningful. 

That’s it guys.  Share your thoughts on this post and also comments below what you guys are wishing this winter. 

See you next time, till than stay connected through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Prashasti Patel 

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