Daily Essentials for Workplace

Hello Lovelies , Hope you all are doing well. As the season changes we need to change our daily care products and choose the best essential product according to the atmosphere and our skin type.

So here in India we welcomed monsoon few days back, we are happy to have that rain for our crops. Rain makes farmers the most happy person when it comes in a proper amount and at proper time. Monsoon is all about to enjoy rain outside but we can’t get off from the work. And my bad-luck is that it was raining every-time during my working hours. So I haven’t enjoyed this season’s rain yet.

By the way I am sharing my daily essentials for this monsoon 2018 in this post.

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Face: So the first and the most we need is sunscreen. Even though we don’t get much sunlight in the cloudy atmosphere our skin needs a sunscreen. I am using the UV CHECK SPF 35 cream , which is an aqua base – sweat proof & foundation based product. And it’s suitable for all skin types. I am using this because my dermatologist prescribed me and yes in the rainy season no heavy make-up is required so this foundation based sunscreen gives that feel of makeup and protects my skin.

Another essential is a compact powder over the sunscreen. Using a coloressence compact powder. This contains alovera extract, rose oil, clove oil which provides good highlight to the face and also with that it gives matte finish. I loved this product cause my skin type is oily and it gives matte finish yet doesn’t give dullness to my face but gives inner glow type shine to my face.

Eyes: Next is Lakme Eyeconic KAjal , I love doing kajal and thus I use this product everyday.  I feel so beautiful when my eyes have kajal. Then I used to wear lenses when I go to work. That is very very essential.  After wearing the lenses, Sunglasses are must needed for protection of my eyes.

Lips: As mention above it is the rainy season that’s why I don’t use a lipstick on everyday basis. My lips feel best when I use MAYBELLINE NEW YORK BABY LIPS Berry Crush. I used to have BABY LIPS since my college days. And it is my favorite .

Hands : Being a physical therapist I deal with the various types of patients and need to show exercises , give them treatments with different machines and have to touch their skin and clothes.  So the savior for protection against someones infections, skin infections I always keep INSTANT HAND SANITIZER  with me.


Daily Essentials for Workplace.png


That’s It . These are my daily essentials. What are your daily essentials? Comment below. I would love to know another product which I can use for daily bases.

Until next time, Be fashionable & stylish.

Prashasti Patel 

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