Here is the Most Fashionable Piece to wear in the Monsoon


Welcome back to My Blog , I know I have not posted much here just because of a busy schedule last month but will try to post more this month. We have passed half of the year so how was your half of 2018? By the way you can share that in the comments below.

Today’s post is all about getting prepared for monsoon. Coming with the most fashionable piece to style in the monsoon. And that is a Skirt. Skirt is the Best Option for monsoon styling. Cause it is loose fitted, easily manageable, can quickly dry after rain. The knee length skirts are better than short and long skirts. Short skirts may flaw in wind and can put you in shame situation , Long skirt may get dirty with sand and bodies.

Floral Skirts : Floral prints are always play an amazing role in style other that Summer.

Floral Skirt

Floral Skirt

Floral wrap skirt

Floral wrap skirt

Flower print Box pleated skirt

Flower print Box pleated skirt

flared skirt 2

Flared Skirt

Stripes In Skirts : Stripes are evergreen print to slay in any form of outfit and here we go with the skirts.

Self Tie stripe skirt

Asymetrical print skirt

Asymetrical print skirt

Sporty Look in the Skirt : Even if you don’t like girly stuff to wear or when you are in the mood of tomboy look then you can’t go wrong with the skirts having sporty look like this one… And Pair it with the white tee.

leaf printed skirt

Leaf printed Skirt

Sporty look

Two toned Sporty Look Skirt

Plain Skirt for being out of the game but into the game : Some times in monsoon , you should also wear your outfit according to the occasion , so whenever you have some office events, meetings, etc. then plain skirts are good choice.

Burgandy skirt

Burgandy Flared Skirt

pleated skirt 2

Pleated Skirt

pleated skirt

Pleated Skirt

Party wear Skirts : Skirts are so versatile that in any occasion you can go with some amazing patterned skirts.


Flower Embroidered Mesh Overlay Skirt

mesh pleated skirt

Mesh Pleated Skirt

Ethnic Skirts : Ethnic skirts are must in wardrobe, Pair them with crop top or kurta and its good to go for comfort.

ethnic look skirt 2

Ethnic Skirt

ethnic look skirt

Ethnic Skirt


Ethnic Flared Skirt


Frilled Skirt

And the last tip for monsoon fashion and styling – Always play with colors in monsoon and feel the beach vibes wherever you are.


Hope you enjoyed the post and will try some of the styling with skirt if you do so then please share and tag me on Instagram. Also Connect with me on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter.

See you soon,

Prashasti Patel

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