Unique Gift Ideas for your VALENTINES

Hi Guys , Its starting of February and most of the couple eagerly waits for 14th Feb, the valentines day to express and celebrate their love.

I think you never need any particular day to celebrate your love. You can celebrate it everyday. Any ways the world is mad about valentines day so I think I should share some unique ideas for gifting your loved ones.

1] Gift your partner a Rose Quartz Crystal – You can gift this crystal in any form. Rose quarts crystal come in pink color & is known for pure love. According to crystal therapy this crystal affect on heart chakra of body. You can gift this crystal in pendant form or in some show piece form for your bedroom.

2] A Red Rose + A cake – Your partners may expect some great gifts from you, but if you have lack of time to purchase some special gifts then you can’t go wrong with buying a fresh red rose and a fresh cake of your partner’s choice. And just enjoy it at your favorite place.

3] In many cases partner doesn’t like each other’s choices so in that case go for shopping both togather. Take your choiced pieces of clothes/ perfume and pair them with your partner & you are ready for valentine’s day celebration. This shopping thing looks like it wont work , but it actually works. So don’t ignore that.

Thank you so much for reading my thoughts. Do comment below if you are going to try any of this idea & HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY IN ADVANCE.

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