5 Tips to keep your NAILS healthy.

Nails are the most important body part for fashion lovers. Keeping them healthy is very important with keeping them trendy.

5 tips

Tips to keep Nails Healthy :

  • Keep your nails clean. Do menicure and pedicure once a week at home for proper cleaning of nails.
  • Maintain the shape and size of your nails which is comfortable in your daily routine life.
  • Apply moisturizer around your nails every day & at bed time.
  • While doing nail paints do apply the base coat to protect your nails.
  • If you can afford then please use a good quality nail paint & nail paint remover because poor quality nail paints makes your nails weak and give the appearance of pale yellow.

So these were the tips for keeping them healthy from outside. Do read here How to keep your nails healthy from inside.

See you next time,

Prashasti Patel

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