Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas

Valentine’s day is here, a popular day to express the feeling of love to your loved ones. What do you mean by loved ones, is it just a spouse? Your parents and a few friends can also come in loved one’s category.  So keep in mind and express love to all of them.

By the way, to express love, no one needs a particular day at all. The feeling of love can be express anytime. Today I am sharing some of the gifting ideas to gift your loved one’s. You can gift these things to yourself, too. The things I am sharing are mostly non-materialistic. That’s what makes you different from others.

Who was your first valentine? Who should be your first valentine? Think about it…You should be your valentine before anyone else 😀. Self-love is the most important thing for happy living.

If you have the ability to Love, Love yourself first.

Charles Bukowski

Sharing some interesting & mindful gifting ideas to your loved ones. These can be gifted any time, these also don’t need any occasion.

Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas.

1. Indoor Plants

A beautiful plant is always a good choice for gifting. Firstly you are choosing the natural gift, environment supportive and beneficial to your loved ones. There are so many plants available for putting in the bedroom or anywhere inside the house which helps to purify the air and provides more oxygen in the house. The plants which you can gift or buy for yourself are Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Peace Lily. These plants you can identify easily and they will be easily available to nearby areas.

2. Meditation Tool Kit

Mediation has become so effective to make yourself calm and patient. Patience is so much important in relationships. Patience in speaking, patience in listening, patience in acting and reacting. Other than Relationship Maintainance meditation, helps you in your work/professional life also.  

Gifting a meditation tool kit will be a good option if your life is going so much in stress. The meditation tool kit includes 

  1. A book that usually explains types of meditation and how to get started with meditation. 
  2. CD/DVD of playlist – calm music or recordings of guided meditation.
  3. A Meditation Pillow. 
  4. Meditation Crystals. 

3. Fitness Center Membership

Can you gift them good health and fitness? Obviously yes. Prevention is better than cure. So taking care of the health and fitness of you and your family is also important. Incorporating Exercise is always a better option at any age. Getting some basic information from the experts regarding your health condition and food consumption habits also helps to prevent & cure so many diseases.

Gifting them a fitness center membership for a month or life can be a good choice. Find a good fitness center nearby and book the sessions. If you are based in Ahmedabad then book your gifting session here.

4. Energy Healing Sessions

Energy healing sessions/ Reiki healing sessions are also a good option. Making your loved one’s internally healthy is a good choice. Internally means on the level of the subtle body.

You can choose from Chakra Healing, Chakra balancing session, Meditation Session, Emotional Healing Session.
Book here if you are based in Ahmedabad.

Thank you,

Prashastii Patel

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