Review : Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Now a day when people began to be aware of their overall health. Thus, intimate health is also becoming an essential part of their routine. And it has to be. Intimate hygiene helps to prevent numerous infections and balances the pH of those areas.

I keep trying new products to find the best. Sharing with you all my latest try of Natural Intimate wash from Everteen. Everteen is one of the best brands which has a natural origin of products and less chemical harmful ingredients.

Why you need to use Intimate wash?

Intimate wash & Hygiene is required just like your other body parts require. Infact you must take extra care of your private body parts. Because unhygienic conditions can cause severe diseases or infections like bacterial vaginosis. Intimate wash helps to regulate the pH in that particular area (vagina) & also kills harmful bacteria and viruses. You must use the intimate hygiene wash frequently during periods, after sex, workout or excessive perspiration.

How to use intimate wash by women?

You have to wet the vaginal area, apply a sufficient quantity of the intimate wash on your palm, then apply over the external vaginal area, Rinse thoroughly. Use It every day. (my recommendation)

Review: Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash helps to maintain good vaginal health & Hygiene. It gives you fresh feeling all day long.

The Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is an excellent product to try out. The product is suitable for married and single women for all skin types. It is also recommended for use during menstrual periods. Everteen Natural Intimate wash balances 3.5 pH of the vagina. It prevents unpleasant and unnatural odor, Itching, irritation & infections. It maintains vaginal hygiene & gives everyday freshness. The primary natural ingredients include Neem, Buckthorn, Tea Tree Oil, and Aloe vera.

Review in rating

  • Effectiveness – 10/10
  • Packaging – 10/10
  • Fragrance – 8/10 (Floral)
  • Affordable – 10/10 (180 INR for 105ml)
  • Product life – 2 years
Intimate wash

Everteen Natural Intimate wash also comes in other 3 variants :

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash with Witch Hazel – This one is specially designed for moms by the brand. Special ingredient than essential is witch hazel is a popular herb used to prevent, reduce, and heal postpartum vaginal infections. It helps restore the pH balance and stops itching, irritation, and yeast infection.

Review in Ratings

  • Effectiveness – 8/10
  • Packaging – 5/10 (Mine had damaged pump)
  • Fragrance – 10/10 (Chocolate)
  • Affordable – 10/10 (210 INR for 105ml)
  • Product life – 2 years
everteen natural Intimate wash

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash with Yogurt – This one is specially designed for teens by the brand. Special ingredient Yogurt is scientifically proven to combat vaginal yeast infection and helps provide relief from itching and burning sensation. Yogurt contains good bacteria, lactobacillus, which helps restore the healthy balance of the vaginal flora.

Review in Ratings

  • Effectiveness – 9/10
  • Packaging – 9/10
  • Fragrance – 5/10 (Smells very weird)
  • Affordable – 10/10 (210 INR for 105ml)
  • Product life – 2 years
Feminine Hygiene wash

Concern About your Feminine Hygiene?

Everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash – One of my favorite products from all. I love the products in foam form cause my oily skin feels happy after the use of them. All the primary ingredients are the same – Neem, Buckthorn, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe vera.

Review In ratings

  • Effectiveness – 10/10
  • Packaging – 10/10
  • Fragrance – 10/10 (No fragrance)
  • Affordable – 7/10 (300 INR for 150 ml)
  • Product life – 2 years.
Intimate Hygiene Wash

Give it a try, Everteen has all the variants for each age group & its is mild in nature to all skin types.

Check out their website for more such Products,

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Range

Have a happy healthy days ahead, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

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