Monthly Favorites – January 2020

Hey Folks ! Happy 2020. I know, I know its too late but that’s ok. I wanted to wish you all early but can’t get time to be here.

Well finally I can get some time to be here with you all. I was and still I am super busy in my daily schedule. I just started learning new thing. Can you guess what? Guess, Guess.

I started learning, one of the best cultural activity related to fitness, what it is? That is Yoga. Yes, Yoga is our cultural activity, which is now globally empowering thing for every person who learn or do it regularly. Half of my learning period is done and other half is remaining. That is just Basic Yoga.

So today I am here to share my monthly favorites…. Hope you know one of them now – it is YOGA. Other than that here is the list,

January 2020 favorites

Skin Care

  1. Ponds Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturizer – I just love this product, in fact I have uploaded the review about this moisturizer. Have a look. This moisturizer gives me soft, supple and oil free skin in highly hydrating gel form. I used to apply it everyday after bath and face wash.
  2. Ethiko Undereye Serum for dark circles & puffy eyes – This ethiko undereye serum is a must try product. I wanted to try something for my dark circles and luckily I won this in Giveaway. This undereye serum’s main ingredient is Coffee, which reduces dark circles & soothes puffy eyes. It smells just like freshly brewed black coffee. It worked best for my dark circles. A little bit darkness is remaining now near the corner of my eyes other than whole undereye area is brighten up with the Ethiko’s Under eye serum.


I am enjoying books related to life management, fitness and nutrition now a days. My current read is the “DON’T LOSE OUT, WORK OUT!” by Rujuta Diwekar. This book gives you deep information about exercise science. If you are the lazy person on earth read it once and if you are the person who wants to workout on your own terms, just know how your body respond to various exercises. This book will help you to analyse which exercise is most enjoyable and effective for you.

Another read is THE WEEK – “SMART LIFE” , It is a magazine of January 2020. Contents of magazine includes fitness, diet, yummy recipes and much more.

That’s it for now. Let me know how was your Jan 2020? Stay connected through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Prashasti Patel

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