Review – Maybelline Womens Color Sensational Lipstick

Wonder ! Yes its wonder, that I am reviewing a Lipstick. Why?

Its like I haven’t used lipsticks in my life of 25 years I think ! Lately I am obsessing for it. I only use lipstick occasionally before and I was not having any type of knowledge about lipsticks before. Lately I love using them, ohh yes I wear it daily now.

Daily at my work place. I used to wear this one lip-shade which I am going to review today. It’s from Maybelline New York. I bought it from shoppers stop.


Maybelline is the brand which comes in affordable category. So that is the reason you must try it, if you like to wear nude shades on daily basis.

  • Shade – Rum Riche 280
  • Price – 450 INR
  • Net content – 4.2 grams

I am using it since 6 months I think, and it lasts on my lips only for 1 & 1/2 hour maximum. That is the only drawback. Quality and Quantity is good enough. It do dry out your lips if you don’t apply lip balm before application of lipstick.

  • Quality – Yes
  • Quantity – Yes
  • Affordable – Yes
  • Long Lasting – No
  • Work wear – Yes

You can buy it if you really like the shade, Cause there are a lot options available in the market in less price as well.

You can check the shade on my lips on my Instagram account.

See you next time,

Prashasti Patel

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