Multitasking May of My Life

Hey , Lovelies… How are you up to? Coming back to this space after long , I missed that time to be here. But I hope that missed time will give me more energy and motivation to be here now. Cause I was under improvement and up-gradation phase. Are you able to understand or not?

Let me tell you , I decided to be regular in blogging this year. And I was regular enough according to my time permit. I wanted to buy my own domain so I was in research for that. I bought it by my own so research must be done. And and and one more new thing I started this month.

This is the month of my birth. So I have planned a lot to do this month. And everything is happening well as planned. My birthday was on last Sunday, I got the new phone Galaxy S10+ as a gift from my family. It was much needed cause I used my last phone for 7 years. Too much, right? Then I had plan of photoshoot that was done well. I fell in love with me again. The photos from latest shoot were just amazing, all credits go to photographer Jigar .

The most important – may be life and career changing decision I have taken, to start an Aerobics Exercise Sessions. Me and one of my colleague just started our career as Fitness Trainer also. We have so many plans to set the fitness studio. So I am busy in that also.

And also on the way to improve my blogging skills. Therefore all these things are messed up, but I am happy with all these things. I hope you all are doing well in whatever you do. ALL the BEST for your upcoming time.

Sharing some of the best Photos from latest shoot – I dressed up for my Birthday.

Wardrobe courtesy :

Dress : Feathers by Mansi

Shoe : Pair Patola

Earrings : Voylla

Neckpeice : Lifestyle stores

Handbag : Tangerine Handcraft

Photography By Jigar Maru

Hope you enjoy today’s post. Stay tuned for some more fresh posts. Be in touch through Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

See you soon,

Prashasti Patel

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