Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day to all the Wonder Women out there….

So, How all are you going to celebrate this women’s day? Though you are men , you have to celebrate it with and for your wife / mom/ daughter/ grand mom / colleague / women staff at your workplace. I very well know that women don’t need a day to celebrate because even if you don’t celebrate they are going to do what they are doing as a part of their life. But why not to celebrate?

Women who don’t get a good time for themselves while working as a mother , as a wife , as a daughter , as a daughter in law , as a working women, they like when they got pamper by loved ones or the surrounding community – friends or family.

I would recommend some ideas to celebrate women’s day for you guys

  1. You can make some good food by yourself for her. (If you cook well)
  2. Get the Gift for her like wrist watch, clothes, some accessories, jewelry.
  3. Pampering her by giving a spa session will be the best gift.
  4. Women always love shopping so if you don’t want to confuse for what to gift her, better you take her along with you for shopping or get the shopping vouchers.
  5. Free her from her duties for a day and tell her to relax and chill.
  6. You can take her at good restaurant for lunch or dinner.
  7. Plan a fab photo-shoot for her.

That’s it from me…. To celebrate one special day ,but you can do this once a month if you really appreciate women for their work . I would not tell to do it for every women but you can do these things at least for your wife or mother.

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Prashasti Patel

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