Friends Meet Up

After so long we finally can meet again this sunday. Lastly we met on the friendship day and after that yesterday. Whenever we meet ,we need more time πŸ˜€ to spend together. They both are married and doing their jobs so can’t be free without Sunday. So we have to manage meet up. We have 2 more friends in our group; they both are shifted from Ahmedabad so never expect that we will going to meet all together πŸ˜‘.

I was excited to meet my friends and It was a good day but also the bad day for my clothes πŸ˜’. Me and 1 of my friend are waiting for another friend at cafe. There the waiter all of sudden go out of balance, I don’t know how and a glass full of cold coffee ruined my clothes. We managed to clear that from my clothes. Then we all go to another cafe which was a first try to all of us. And we felt so happy that it was amazing we haven’t gone that type of cafe before. The cafe’s interior was so beautiful & there are different types of games to play with friends or with family while waiting for your dish to be ready. We have played the Game. Enjoyed a lot. And I would love to go such type of places again. We have ordered Rosato (pasta) and Baked lesange . Food was not so good but the time which we spent there was really great.

Memories :

Cafe :





Hope you enjoy a post . See you next time

Prashasti Patel

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