Choose the WAY

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” – Elbert Hubbard

The life is Unexpected thing. It brings sudden joy or sudden sadness in just 1 second. It’s upon you how you handle it & react to it. I know everyone have their life principles , great experiences etc. but still a unexpected immediate wrong incident  leads to depression, however the person is very strong.

At that moment all surrounding people will encourage you to move out of that depressed state of mind but your mind don’t allow to do it. You have to come out through that. You need to choose your way to come back in your normal life.

Every person have some type of hobby like painting, dancing, singing, sports or any other activity through which you always find happiness . And you just have to do that thing. You will get benefit through your hobbies, through some inspiring stories.

Some suggestions to come back in your normal life are –

  • Go for a movie of your taste ALONE.
  • Dance madly with full volume in your room alone. This will make you stress free for sure.
  • You can also go for Hindi movie ‘Jab We Met” formula , whatever the reason is for your unhappiness , flush it right now.
  • Go for your favorite food at your favorite place.
  • Shopping is also a great thing to recover your mood.

When you will come out through that depressed state & you think about it now then you will realize how stupid you were being unhappy for some silly things.

Life is unexpected. Live it with full of joy.

Be happy always.  – Prashasti Patel

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