What’s in your first meal?

Hi Lovely souls , Hope you all are doing well.

What really makes your day fruitful and your body healthy ? Is that someone special’s face or message or morning tea/coffee ? You may choose one or two things from the options but all you need to know that to make your day fruitful and healthy body you firstly need a healthy breakfast.

Being an Indian, we have so much different variety of breakfast according to different states. Starting from Punjab most favorite breakfast is Aloo Parathas or any other Parathas with lots of oil. Then in Gujarat – Fafda-Jalebi , Khaman-Dhokla , Poha etc. In South Indian cuisine Idli, Dosa , uttapam etc. So just by thinking these dishes surely you will feel hungry , Right? But does they really Healthy? No , not healthy. If you are a traveler or foodie then you will eat these all things in breakfast.

Perfect breakfast consist of a bowl of muesli with milk or 2 eggs + some fruits + some dry-fruits + tea/coffee. You can serve yourself and your family different fruits everyday by making variety of dishes. Can also have some oats recipes – smoothies.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day & you must have it without fail. If you are not a breakfast person then please give it a try for at-least 1 week & you will feel healthy internally.

Eat Healthy , Stay Healthy , Stay Happy

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