Welcome back to my blog lovely people. Hope you all doing well . Talking about geometry print….these prints are in trending fashion since a year I think. Thus I have given a chance to try one. Actually I like this special unique printed kurti but my mom is also fashionable in fact more than me. So I bought it for her. And after trying she doesn’t like just because it is ankle length .

Then of course it’s mine. LOL. I already like that so I accepted it. So guys it suited me great I think . Tell me your opinion about it, I would love to know. I loved the mixture of marble print and geometry print . IT’S AWESOME.

As this prints are trending now a days , so there are so many designs & color options available. You should also try it out in one of your outfit. And if you have already tried then please share or tag me at Insta account @style_weds_fashion.


Wardrobe Details :


Watch – Amazon India

Earings – Westside store

Thank you for reading . Please share any positive or negative review so I can IMPROVE THAT.

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