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Today I am sharing with you all guys about my Face Care

This includes my everday Face Care – NO MAKEUP at all.

Being in the Physiotherapy field I have to treat patients…. So I really can’t go with makeup . & I have to take care of my skin through all natural daily usage of some products.

So from start of the day to night… I only use 5 products. During everyday bath I used to wash my face with Dove soap… coz it mosturize vey well… & I have oily skin so I don’t use separate moisturiser for my face except in winter.. so use of moisturising soap is good option for oily skin type.

After that I use La Shield sunscreen Gel with SPF 40 which prevents my acne problems…It has UVA & UVB filters to provide broad spectrum protection. It also helps to improve skin hydration & it is also an oil free product specially prescribed by my dermatologist.

(If you want how to use – feel free to ask in comment box)

Then for face wash I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for all skin types. It remover dirt, excess oil, make-up and other impurities without drying the skin. It is mild formulation so can be used everyday, with or without water. Properties include – non comedogenic, pH balanced, fragrance free.

Face wash can be used any time through out the day whenever needed.

Lastly for Face care I use Alovera Gel at night. I apply it all iver my face after washing face. Alovera gel smoothen your skin… decreases dark spots and gives natural glow to your skin.

1 more thing… It can be use for body skin, but I am using it especially for my Lipcare… that is Bioma – Special Oil for Skincare. It’s all in one product for your skin… It is useful for Stretch marks, Scars, Uneven skin tone, Ageing skin & Dehydrated skin. I am applying it in lips when I feel my lips becoming dry…

So this is it… For my Face Skin Care..

What’s your Face Skin Care products which makes you beautiful naturally?

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