Fed up of Unwanted Hair during a Lockdown?

Holla ! I am back with one more interesting product review which is going to help you a lot in future days. You must be facing waxing problems during this lockdown, Right? I am here to introduce a product which can solve all your issues of waxing.

I just used a new product named Neud Hair Remover Spray. And I am quite impressed with the product.

Review: Neud Hair Remover Spray for Men and Women

Neud Hair Remover Spray comes in a spray bottle. Mostly recommended removing hairs from arms & legs. Neud Hair Remover Spray is suitable for both men and women. The brand doesn’t recommend using this product on sensitive areas of your body like underarms, face & pubic area.

How To Use Hair Removal Spray?

When I used the Neud Hair Remover Spray, I found the pump was not working correctly. But I manage to use it anyway. I used it first on my legs. Initially, I felt a little bit of burning sensation after application. Then I waited for 5 minutes. Yes, the brand calls to wait for just 5 minutes. Afterward, you need to wipe it off with tissue paper. Later, Cleaned with water and soap.

Neud Hair remover spray worked 60% for me. That means I see only 60% of hairs were removed after one application. There was still some burning sensation present after wash, But it went off after I applied After shave cream. That is also the excellent product by Neud. I have another post reviewing it, Neud After Hair Remover Lotion for skincare in Men and Women.

Neud Hair Remover Spray

Review in Ratings:

Effectiveness – 7/10
Sensitivity – Not suitable for sensitive skin. Only suitable for Normal skin.
Fragrance – 6/10 ( Smells very weird – I don’t like the smell personally)
Packaging – 7/10 ( Mine was damaged )
Affordable – 10/10 ( 290 INR for 100ml )
Product Life – 2 years

I hope this review helps you all. You can buy the product from www.neud.co.in

Neud After Hair Removal Lotion

Note : Patch test is required. Don’t try if you have any skin problems. Consult your dermatologist before using the product.

Do let me know if you have used this product or any other similar product so that I can check it out.

Thank you ! Stay connected through Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. See you soon.

12 thoughts on “Fed up of Unwanted Hair during a Lockdown?

  1. bglamhairstuido03 says:

    Hello stylewedsfashion information or the article which u had posted was simply superb and awesome and to say one thing that this was one of the best information which I had seen and came across so far, thanks for the information #BGLAMHAIRSTUDIO

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  2. Omaye Aduku says:

    Love the ease of hair removal cream but they I cannot stand the smell.
    Quarantine has made hair removal solutions a bit difficult as I sugar wax.
    Love the review!

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